There *Will* Be Aliens!

Recently while out shopping I came across this relatively innocuous packet of googly eyes.

Innocuous that is until you start reading the fine print. Starting with the fact that the pack as 141 eyes.

Not 140 eyes, as would be expected since pretty much everything we encounter on earth has two eyes, leaving you to assume a product designed to mimic that in craft projects would provide an even number.

But it gets even better. This packet comes with three different sizes of googly eyes.

  • 21 x 2cm eyes
  • 75 x 1 cm eyes
  • 45 x 1.5cm eyes

So no matter what size you choose, if you happen to be a completionist (which I am not) you will eventually end up with a cyclops.

It’s inevitable. Make your peace with it before purchasing the product.

A packet of googly eyes for a child's craft project.

Emergency Toilets

Okay, okay, after what I said in a previous post about Chinglish signs I am going to share a sign from China. But it’s not incorrect English. By my reckoning the English is exactly what the Chinese says. What I want to know is whether the sign is referring to some building that is not in shot, or whether it’s referring to the trees.

Whatever it’s describing, I think the description extremely accurate! That’s precisely the way I’d describe the situation…

A sign post surrounded by trees. The sign reads in English and Chinese "Emergency Toilets." What more is there to say, really?

This photo was taken by my brother, Cash Edison, and posted here with permission.

My Doctor’s Solution to Allergies

Since moving across the continent a couple of years ago, my allergies have been increasing to the point where I seem to be in perpetual allergy season. My nose is running like a tap and some days I feel as if I’m battling jet lag. Antihistamines are not very effective and so I went to my doctor for advice on what more I could do.

Here was her suggestion… The result of which is that the heat of my breath is redirected up behind my glasses, leaving me now in a perpetual literal fog to add to the figurative mental fog I was trying to rid myself of.

Me wearing a dust mask which is causing my glasses to fog up.

Scrabble Tiles for Sale

As a Scrabble player myself, I appreciated the attention to detail this store paid to it’s imitation Scrabble tiles.

As products go, all of these tiles are made from exactly the same wood printed with exactly the same ink. The only difference being, of course, the letters themselves. So while the more common letters (such as O and G and P) are reduced to a nifty $1, the V (score of 4 in Scrabble), X (score of 8 in Scrabble), and J (also score of 8 in Scrabble) are more than double the price.

One must notice though that the Z (score of 10) and Q (score of 10) which are on the top row are themselves reduced to $1, which I think it’s an absolute steal! I can now contemplate words like “buzz” and “fuzzy” and “quartz” without blowing my budget.

Large squares of wood printed with letters and scores as if they were scrabble tiles are on a clearance sale. The tiles for V, X, and J are more expensive than the others.