City of Mist: A Cities of Power Novel

Cover for City of Mist: A Cities of Power Novel by Jessica BaverstockAn assassination has rocked the city of Sanctum, bringing a tyrannical rule to an end.

Sahri the Unswerving, living in squalor and heavy with child, discovers her husband is next in line to rule as Decision Maker of Sanctum.

Catapulted from poverty to wealth, Sahri embraces her new life of security and comfort, but her husband’s first act as Decision Maker threatens to plunge their household into financial ruin.

In order to protect her unborn child’s future and inheritance, Sahri must learn the ways of Sanctum’s elite while finding a way to circumvent her husband’s plan.

As Sahri’s actions endanger her own life and that of her child, a mystery still hangs over Sanctum: Who is responsible for the assassination? And will they strike again?

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