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Title: The Clipper Home: A Romance Novella
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Genre: , ,

After the unexpected death of her father, Miss Ann Wainfleet must find the quickest way to transport her mother, younger sister, and herself from the shores of Foochow, China back to London. Since her mother believes traveling by ironclad steamboat is pure folly, Ann secures passage on a tea clipper — the Sea Harpy.

Ann’s friendliness and eagerness to learn endears her to the ship’s crew, especially its captain Henry Burrell. But Ann soon realises that life and romance aboard a sailing ship is more dangerous and unpredictable than anything she has previously encountered.

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Title: Lines: A Romantic Short Story
Release Date: Coming Soon
Genre: , ,

Heather Patterson has lived a life of converging and diverging lines.

Her husband had been incompatibly perpendicular, merely crossing her life temporarily on his way to 'better things.'

Her teenage son is gradually drifting away from her as he heads for adulthood.

And her father has completed the arc of sending her off into the world and then welcoming her back to his home in need of care.

Is it too much to expect that someone with matching tastes could converge with Heather's own continually straight line?

Can she find a parallel love?