Baverstock’s Allsorts: Volume 1

Cover for Baverstock's Allsorts: Volume 1 by Jessica BaverstockThis eclectic collection of eight short-short pieces crosses from gritty science-fiction to heartwarming poetry, showcasing the versatility, imagination, comic wit, and pathos of author Jessica Baverstock. The perfect companion to an afternoon tea break or a morning commute, this collection will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.

Baverstock’s Allsorts Volume 1 draws together science-fiction (‘The Stone Trader‘ and ‘Dinner Plans‘), period fiction (‘Obedient Tongues‘), poetry (‘I Love You, Mum‘ and ‘Beach Talk‘), sweet tales (‘Will You Help Me?‘ and ‘Buried Jewels‘) and a newspaper article with a twist (‘The Morning Horticultural‘).

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