Clean Reads List

Some readers prefer stories which do not contain swearing, sex scenes, and gratuitous violence/gore. All my stories fit into this category (though a few stories deal with sad topics which parents may wish to be aware of before allowing their children to read).

If these kinds of “clean reads” are your preference, then you may also enjoy stories by the following authors.

Suzanne Allain

I met Suzanne when I was in a non-English-speaking country and she was looking for people with British accents to record dialog for her movie script of Mr. Malcolm’s ListMy Australian accent almost bent into the British lilt required and so I read for the part of Julia (and relished every minute of it). A couple of years ago the script was read by professional actors for the Black List Table Reads podcast. You can hear it here, although the cast doesn’t sound like they had nearly as much fun as we did back in that tiny foreign apartment.

Suzanne writes period romance and you can see a list of her books on her website.

Amber C. Seah

Amber is one of my bestest buddies, in life as well as writing. She and I often bounce writing ideas of each other, beta read each other’s manuscripts, and give each other much-needed pep talks.

She writes romance and children’s books. Her first book, Helen’s Summeris one of my favourite romance novels and there are three more books to go in the series. Can’t wait!

I also can’t wait for her upcoming novel Blackbirds and Thrushes to appear. I’ve seen excerpts from it and love what I’ve read so far so hopefully it won’t be long before it’s completed and ready for all to read.

Here’s her website. She also writes a wonderful blog called 1880’s Girl which is a great read in itself. And here’s her Twitter feed.

Cash Edison

Cash just happens to be my brother and we have been known to collaborate on stories and projects. His first novel, Mind Jumperwas inspired by my short story “Runner” and is set in his Virus of the Mind universe. I’ve seen some of the other novels in development from that universe and they’re fascinating. Hopefully they will be published in the not-too-distant future for others to enjoy.

He writes sci-fi, adventure, and comedy.

Here’s his website, and he’s also on Twitter.