Two New Short Story Collections Released

The big news this month is that I’ve released two new short story collections! One is the next volume of the Baverstock’s Allsorts series with eleven short stories inside. The other is a genre-specific collection called Five Unexpected Days with five short stories in it. If you’re purchasing the Baverstock’s Allsorts series, then you’ll already have the stories from Five Unexpected Days, but if you’re just interested into some heartwarming literary stories, then check out the Five Unexpected Days collection.

A circus runaway who wants to be an accountant,
a hostage in a crisis call center,
and a walrus in search of love.

These are just three of the stories in the second volume of Baverstock’s Allsorts, covering genres from science-fiction to romance and plenty in between.

Lovers of heartfelt storytelling will enjoy these eleven stories, all bound together by a central theme: the discovery of identity—be it a character’s true name and history or simply the moment a hidden need or wish is first discovered.

As always, Baverstock traverses the emotions, from the depths of grief to the heights of humor. This heartwarming collection with bring a tear to the eye, but leave you with a smile on your face.

To get your own copy, in e-book or paperback, go to Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or other stores.

The surprise occurrence of February 30th.

The loss of a favorite umbrella.

The sudden arrival of a tiny circus runaway.

Each of these unexpected events propel a different character into their own sweet, gentle tale, which finds its heartwarming conclusion in less than twenty-four hours.

This short story collection features a total of five moving tales, each revealing the moments that make us human and how our interactions with those around us can enhance and enrich our lives.

To get your own copy, in e-book or paperback, go to Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or other stores.

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Get Three of My Books on Sale Before July 31st

I’ve been most remiss in letting you guys know about a sale that’s happening on Smashwords with my titles. Below are the details of which titles are involved and the discounts that are applied. There are heaps of other titles on Smashwords which are also involved in this sale so head over and take a look!

Get these deals before the end of July 31st.

The Runaway Cover Art

The Runaway

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100% OFF

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The Red Umbrella

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50% OFF

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Baverstock’s Allsorts Volume 1, Second Edition

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Episode 5 of Baverstock’s Allsorts: The Runaway

We’re back this month with four more episodes of Baverstock’s Allsorts! I’m starting out with a story I’ve been dying to read you!

It’s called The Runaway. You can see the cover and blurb for the story here.

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How to Become a Completion Addict

I came across this article I wrote several years back now and thought it was worth putting a link to it here. Its for all those creatives who love starting projects but struggle to continue or finish them (which is something I struggle with too!).

The issue is that we’re addicted to the high of new ideas. This article is about how to change that addiction so that we become addicted to finishing projects.

Here’s the link to Write to Done where the article was originally published. (There is a full-screen popup that appears within a couple of seconds of getting there. There’s a close button in the top right hand corner.)

Flower Amongst Pines Artist Book by Cherry Jeffs

Recently I made an effort to get back in touch with fellow creatives who have been supportive and helpful to me over the years. One of those people was Cherry Jeffs, a mixed media artist and creative coach. I got to catch up with some of the things she’s been working on.

She’s been making some really beautiful artists books. Here is one that just blew me away.

The Link Between Mistakes and Results

I was recently skimming through this article on the Guardian about physics when I came across this quote by Carlo Rovelli, the theoretical physicist being interviewed:

When I ask him what he thinks about the possibility that his loop quantum gravity work may be wrong, he gently explains that being wrong isn’t the point; being part of the conversation is the point. And anyway, “If you ask who had the longest and most striking list of results it’s Einstein without any doubt. But if you ask who is the scientist who made most mistakes, it’s still Einstein.”

I found that thought inspirational. As a writer, its impossible to write the perfect story. But then being perfect isn’t the point; telling a story is the point.

As with anything, those who make the most mistakes are also those who achieve the most as well. If you fear mistakes, you’ll never be brave enough to produce the wonderful things mistakes lead to.

Speaking of which, I really need to be off somewhere making me some fresh mistakes!

There *Will* Be Aliens!

Recently while out shopping I came across this relatively innocuous packet of googly eyes.

Innocuous that is until you start reading the fine print. Starting with the fact that the pack as 141 eyes.

Not 140 eyes, as would be expected since pretty much everything we encounter on earth has two eyes, leaving you to assume a product designed to mimic that in craft projects would provide an even number.

But it gets even better. This packet comes with three different sizes of googly eyes.

  • 21 x 2cm eyes
  • 75 x 1 cm eyes
  • 45 x 1.5cm eyes

So no matter what size you choose, if you happen to be a completionist (which I am not) you will eventually end up with a cyclops.

It’s inevitable. Make your peace with it before purchasing the product.

A packet of googly eyes for a child's craft project.

Fourth Episode of Baverstock’s Allsorts is a Two-fer

In this episode I have a short childhood reminiscence called “Winter is Coming” and a poem called “I Love You, Mum.”

Baverstock’s Allsorts is now having a month’s hiatus and will be back with more episodes in June! If you’d like to be notified when the next episode is up, subscribe to the podcast by either going to the Podbean site or subscribing to this blog.

“Kidnapping with Scruples” Released

I’ve been getting behind with my promised short story releases! Here’s another one. You can find this story in Baverstock’s Allsorts Volume 1, but here it is as a stand-alone e-book too.

Financial downturns affect all walks of life.

Even the criminal underworld.

Gary and Horace believe they’ve come up with a way to make
the act of kidnapping a pleasant experience for all involved.
Including, and especially, the kidnapee.

The problem is, Stephanie Monroe might be
completely the wrong person to kidnap…

To get your own copy, in e-book or paperback, go to Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, or other stores.

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Emergency Toilets

Okay, okay, after what I said in a previous post about Chinglish signs I am going to share a sign from China. But it’s not incorrect English. By my reckoning the English is exactly what the Chinese says. What I want to know is whether the sign is referring to some building that is not in shot, or whether it’s referring to the trees.

Whatever it’s describing, I think the description extremely accurate! That’s precisely the way I’d describe the situation…

A sign post surrounded by trees. The sign reads in English and Chinese "Emergency Toilets." What more is there to say, really?

This photo was taken by my brother, Cash Edison, and posted here with permission.

An Antidote to Chinglish

We’ve all seen those funny photos of signs and labels written by someone whose first language is not English. I have a personal collection myself from my time in China as do other members of my family and we love to share them among ourselves when we’ve got a new one.

What I don’t think has been properly represented in the English sphere are all the times that we English-speaking people figuratively face-plant in languages we are attempting to learn.

And so, to do my part to right this inequity, here are my top language faux pas, all when speaking Chinese.

Example 1

What I meant to say: “Hi, I’m a teacher!”

What I actually said (multiple times over the years, apparently!): “Hi, I’m a mouse!”

The fact that I was nervous and relatively quiet spoken when saying this didn’t help to illuminate my mispronunciation. When it was finally pointed out to me, my friend began by saying, ‘You are a mouse. But what you need to say here is teacher.’

Example 2

What I meant to say: “I’ll come back at a time convenient to you.”

What I actually said: “I’ll come back when you’re in the bathroom.”

Turns out the phrase “when you’re convenient” is also the idiomatic expression in Mandarin for, ahem, answering the call of nature.

Example 3

What I meant to say: “Let me show you this short video on my tablet!”

What I actually said (again, for years!): “Let me show you this pornographic film on my tablet!”

Yeah, doesn’t that explain the weird looks I’ve been getting!


Got a language faux pas of your own? Do share! Don’t leave me hangin’!

Zozoville Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles and so whenever I’m in a toy store I have to meander past the puzzle aisle. The other day I came across this cute range of puzzles.

I seem to be an a cute monster art phase at the moment, perhaps brought on by being exposed to the movie Monsters Inc. at an impressionable age (an age I’ve never grown out of!). Unfortunately, none of my family share my affection for these puzzles and so I didn’t end up with one (yet!). But I’m sharing here in the hopes some of you out there will love them too.

The puzzles come from Zozoville and the website is full of great artwork. (Not an affiliate link. Just something I wanted to share.)

A puzzle showing a fluffy monster talking to a ya do.A puzzle showing a very small girl instructing a very large yeti to sit. I have to admit, it's not the most attentive yeti I've ever seen.

My First Podcast Episode is Up!!!!

Baverstock’s Allsorts is now a podcast!

Each week for the next four weeks I’ll be reading one of my short stories, then I’ll have a month off and do it all again in June!

Here’s the first episode. Check it out!

You can see my podcast side over at Podbean. If you’d like to be notified when new episodes are up, you can either subscribe to the podcast over at Podbean or subscribe to this blog.

Also, here’s the painting that this poem was based on.