The Link Between Mistakes and Results

I was recently skimming through this article on the Guardian about physics when I came across this quote by Carlo Rovelli, the theoretical physicist being interviewed:

When I ask him what he thinks about the possibility that his loop quantum gravity work may be wrong, he gently explains that being wrong isn’t the point; being part of the conversation is the point. And anyway, “If you ask who had the longest and most striking list of results it’s Einstein without any doubt. But if you ask who is the scientist who made most mistakes, it’s still Einstein.”

I found that thought inspirational. As a writer, its impossible to write the perfect story. But then being perfect isn’t the point; telling a story is the point.

As with anything, those who make the most mistakes are also those who achieve the most as well. If you fear mistakes, you’ll never be brave enough to produce the wonderful things mistakes lead to.

Speaking of which, I really need to be off somewhere making me some fresh mistakes!

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