Zozoville Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles and so whenever I’m in a toy store I have to meander past the puzzle aisle. The other day I came across this cute range of puzzles.

I seem to be an a cute monster art phase at the moment, perhaps brought on by being exposed to the movie Monsters Inc. at an impressionable age (an age I’ve never grown out of!). Unfortunately, none of my family share my affection for these puzzles and so I didn’t end up with one (yet!). But I’m sharing here in the hopes some of you out there will love them too.

The puzzles come from Zozoville and the website is full of great artwork. (Not an affiliate link. Just something I wanted to share.)

A puzzle showing a fluffy monster talking to a carrot...as ya do.A puzzle showing a very small girl instructing a very large yeti to sit. I have to admit, it's not the most attentive yeti I've ever seen.

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