Scrabble Tiles for Sale

As a Scrabble player myself, I appreciated the attention to detail this store paid to it’s imitation Scrabble tiles.

As products go, all of these tiles are made from exactly the same wood printed with exactly the same ink. The only difference being, of course, the letters themselves. So while the more common letters (such as O and G and P) are reduced to a nifty $1, the V (score of 4 in Scrabble), X (score of 8 in Scrabble), and J (also score of 8 in Scrabble) are more than double the price.

One must notice though that the Z (score of 10) and Q (score of 10) which are on the top row are themselves reduced to $1, which I think it’s an absolute steal! I can now contemplate words like “buzz” and “fuzzy” and “quartz” without blowing my budget.

Large squares of wood printed with letters and scores as if they were scrabble tiles are on a clearance sale. The tiles for V, X, and J are more expensive than the others.

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